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AF1 Mid Komainu customized official sneaker


Original Imjennius design on original Nike Air Force 1 shoes. Painted completely by hand, being totally unique. With the serial number and certificate of authorship.

The design shows the theme of the Japanese guard dog Komainu (狛 犬), often known as lion dogs in English, are pairs of statues of lion-like creatures that protect the entrance or the honden, or the inner sanctuary of many Japanese Shinto shrines or they are kept inside the inner sanctuary, where they are not visible to the public. The first type, born during the Edo period, is called sandō komainu (犬 道 狛 犬 visiting the path Komainu), the second and much older type jinnai komainu (陣 内 狛 犬 sanctuary within komainu). Sometimes they can also be found in Buddhist temples, noble residences or even private homes.

Being a customized product, this product has a delivery time of 30 days. It is sent anywhere in the world. It comes with a special surprise only visible to the buyers of this luxurious article.


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