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  • For our hoodies and t-shirts (Apparel) -> WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

USA: DHL takes 1-2 business days, and USPS then delivers to most addresses with 1-3 business days from the day that they receive the packages from DHL. So total shipping time to your end customer is approximately 3-5 business days.

Usually, we try to have in our stock some samples of each model, but as our clothing is made especially for our client by order, it takes a little bit longer to ask your order to the factory and get it to you. In case we have your ordered item it will take 7-9 days in Europe, if we are run out of stock we will ask our factory for your order.

Internationally - and in Europe, if we don't have the item ordered-, HK post ships through each country's local postal service, and depending on the efficiency of the local postal service, international shipping can be anywhere between 7 to 30 business days.

  • One of One items and custom/art orders: 

    USA: From 100$ - Free shipping. Delivery timeline: 7-9 days approx

    Europe: Free shipping. Delivery timeline: 7-9 days approx

    Rest of the world: From 250$, free shipping. Delivery will depend on your local courier service, from 7-30 days.

     If the amount of the item it is less than the amount to get the free shipping, the shipping cost will be calculated once the client makes the order and we will inform about the cost and delivery time by email to approve the order finally and to send the account to make a transfer for the shipping. If by any case the client refuses to pay the shipping rate, he/she will receive automatically the amount paid in the website for that canceled order.


    Thank you for your trust and being part of IMJENNIUS.