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Imjennius by Miguel Robles

First of all, thank you for reading this and welcome to my page.

My name is Miguel Robles, and I'm a Spanish filmmaker and designer.
After my whole life drawing and painting as a hobby, one day I designed a drawing for a man bust and I had an interesting idea: what if this could be something to wear every day and inspire people?
In 2016 I started an interesting trip supported by friends and close people, creating my own brand, Imjennius, an interdisciplinary movement where design, graphic arts, music and show business stay unite.  Consolidating a brand of clothing that evokes luxury, comfort, and exclusivity.
The creation of a brand that opts for the production of textile articles of high quality, design, and strong personality.
It is more than clothing, it represents values and it has a social function. In this way, Imjennius can dedicate part of the benefit to the sponsorship of some artists that the brand considers: talented, hardworking and committed to their dream.
We are a movement. We are Imjennius.

Wear art  with attitude

man bust custom design drawing imjennius