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There are 2 options for those who desire something even more personal, in this casewe offer this pricing and details order:

  • You can send us your bag, pair of shoes, jacket, or whatever you would like customized by Imjennius. And describe us if you would like something special in it (name, some detail, or anything you would like) or to define the style (more renascent, with flowers, black/white, colourfull...).
  • You can choose between our products offered below (non painted) and add your custom specifications when you add it to the chart.

Usual prices  (when you send us your product) :

Women/ man wallet (rectangular or square):

- Small design: 45€ (taxes included) +shipping

- Complete detailed design: 80€ (taxes included). Free shipping.


Tote bag / big-medium size bag

- Only one side design : 75€ (taxes included) + shipping

- Regular design, both sides with details: 120€ (taxes included). Free shipping.

- Complete design: 160€. Free shipping.


Small bag / Lady bag

- Regular design, both sides with details: 80€ (taxes included) + shipping

- Complete design: 120€. Free shipping.


Shoes: Vans / Sneakers / other

- Only front design:  75€ (taxes included) + shipping

- Regular design (all sides): 125€

- Very detailed complete design: 165€


Others: 15€/ work hour + taxes (after 120€,  free shipping)